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From Belfield:

Go north on Hwy 85 to intersection with "Gun Range" sign and turn left.

Continue west for approximately 3 miles until the next Range sign, then turn right.

Range is a 1/4 mile north on the right.

Have your membership card ready for the gate and please be mindful of other shooters and/or reserved days.

There is also a map link on the Contact page.


1. Safety first! All firearms must always be handled safely. Always keep muzzles pointed in safe directions. Control firearm muzzles.
2. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
3. Only shoot at targets in designated areas. Never shoot in any direction that will allow shots to leave the range boundaries.
4. Know your target and what is beyond.
5. Parent or guardian must
    accompany any shooter under
    the age of 16.
6. Eye and ear protection are to be
    used by all on the firing line.
7. Firearm chambers are to be empty until ready to shoot on the firing line.
8. All firearms are to be fired only in designated zones for that firearm.
9. Targets must be properly placed on provided stands or placed with dirt berms as backstops within the range. No shooting over berms.
10. Tannerite cannot be used in dry conditions and cannot be used to blow up objects.
11. When a cease-fire is called it must be obeyed. No gun handling during a cease fire. Actions must be open.
12. Clay pigeons or any other flying targets may not be used at the range.
13. Shooting at anything containing glass, or food products, is prohibited.
14. No alcohol or mood altering drugs are allowed on the range.
15. No tracer or armor piercing bullets are allowed.
16. Photo ID and membership card must be produced when requested.


1. Be ethical and respect others.
1. You are responsible for your actions and the actions of your guests.
3. No littering. Remove targets, pick up spent casings, and place all garbage in proper containers.
4. If you are using rapid fire, please be courteous of other shooters.
5. Place targets inside white borders of rubber targets to prevent damage to wooden supports.
6. No targets are to be placed on top of targets or falling plates.
7. Immediately report any unsafe practices or range rule violations, notating time and date.
8. If you see any one or livestock down or near range, cease fire.

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