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Vintage Shotguns

9/6/2023 Next Meeting @ Belfield Pond Building  @7PM

Hit the button below for the meeting agenda


Landowner Appreciation Banquet

The best way to start the year in the region!

The Belfield Sportsman Club Annual Landowner Appreciation Banquet is the pinnacle of outdoor sports community.  Excellent food, outstanding prizes, conversation, comradery, fun and friends all come together in one place.

We honor one local landowner for contributing to the improvement of hunter relations, outdoor sports, and the community.  

Come for the food, stay for the fun and prizes.

Jan. 6, 2024

Events: Upcoming Events

Ladies Nights

An evening on the range with experienced shooters---

Bring your new concealed carry gun or use one of the many we bring for you.  Ammo is provided by the club, so you can test your shooting comfort with a variety of handguns.  If you have your own, bring it for practice or practical advice.  If you're in the market, don't know what fits your needs, never carried before, heck, never shot before, this is the best place to start.  We will advise, educate, inform, coach, and mentor you with all the knowledge of our club so you can make an intelligent decision with regards to handguns and concealed carry.  Even if you will never carry a firearm, it's still a really fun evening that will make the men in your life jealous.

All done for this year.

Thanks for your participation.

Shooting will run from 5pm until dusk. 

If you have photoss


Ladies Training Classes


Aiming Toward a Target

The 2nd Tuesday of the month will be ladies defensive training. Each month we will have new drills to develop mindset for conceal carry or home defense. For safety reasons Defensive Pistol has prerequisites - we need to be contacted before coming to the 2nd Tuesday evening. 

May 10th is the Ladies Only Pistol Safety and Fundamentals class at 6 pm (beginner level, no prerequisites)

Individual and small group training is offered on a flexible schedule, Check out the Guns and Grace website for more information and to learn more about us.

Personal Gun

Chris Kanski - Maverick Firearms Training

CCW Class Schedule for 2023

Sept 30

Oct 7, 14



Youth Rifle Shoot -  @ the BSC Range

Youth Fishing Derby - @ Belfield Pond

Sportsman Club 3rd Annual Mid-Year Raffle- Summer 2024  

Belfield Sportsman Club Youth Fun Day

July 2024
See you there.

Congratulations to Angie & Scott Cymbaluk!

Scott and Angie were selected for Landowner of the Year for 2022 because of their contributions to the preservation of wildlife and willingness to allow hunters to use resources.

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