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Join the Belfield Sportsman Club.

*There is no differentiation between individual and family memberships. All memberships cost $60.00 for renewal, and include spouses/domestic partners and children under the age of 18.

*If you wish a second membership card for your spouse/domestic partner, the cost is an additional 5 dollars.

*Membership cards are hard plastic and will be used continuously from year to year as long as you renew your membership. There is a place on the card for your signature. The card will activate the gate at the range and allow you to enter and leave. Without the card you will not be able to activate the gate.

*The replacement fee for a lost card is $30.00.

*The waiver you sign will be valid until changed by the club. Spouses/domestic partners who plan to use the range should also sign the waiver.

*Places to obtain memberships are:

-by mail to Belfield Sportsman Club, 401 5th Ave. SW, Belfield, ND 58622

-at Thumper’s Guns in Belfield

-at Saego Electric in Dickinson

-at Cerberus Security in Dickinson

-at Choice Financial Bank in Belfield



Volunteer Program

Our new trial volunteer program for 2023 allows members to track the time  worked and translate that directly into a discount on next years membership.  It's a win win!  The community gets more people involved in projects, events, and general improvements, members get a discount while serving the community and enjoying the comraderie of fellow sportsmen, and with any luck, we can expand our ranks.  Check out the Volunteer form and explanation page on the right.


Volunteer Form

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